Annabelle AugerOperations Lead
Philippe Turcotte
Philippe Turcotte Director
Alice Breault-Germain
Alice Breault-GermainTreasurer
Simon Carbonneau
Simon CarbonneauMechanical Lead
Renaud Lespérance
Renaud LespéranceElectrical Lead
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Join the Esteban Team

No matter how skilled you are, what your major is and the amount of time you are willing to invest, there is a place for you in the team.

You want to be part of a multidisciplinary team and motivated? So do not hesitate! Esteban Project will allow you to apply your technical knowledge, develop your interpersonal and deal with a lot more real situations in class.

CATIA expert, electronics wizard, computer genius or driven entrepreneur; all technical and social skills are welcome. Esteban is also open to students from HEC and the University of Montreal.

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Mechanical Team
Mechanical Team
Wheels, tires, aluminum tubes, composite materials, suspension, aerodynamics, 3D modeling, sanding, welding and infusions, mechanical team is ready for the challenge to design and build the vehicle structure.

It's mission is to create a perfoming car while being in line with the standards of security of the competition. The budget requires us to build a working prototype in one try. The team must rely on accurate calculations by the best students.

Simon Carbonneau Mechanical

Alessandro Scola, Mechanical
Adrien de la SalleMechanics, Master
Ahmed Neji, Mechanical
Alessandro ScolaMechanics, Ph.D.
Alexandre Lavoie, Mechanical
Ali EL Hammouchi, Mechanical
Benjamin Chassé, Mechanical
Cristina Murillo, Mechanical
Philippe Corentin, Mechanical
Émile Pelletier-Coallier, Mechanical
Elyse Robin Baker, Mechanical
Felipe Guevara, Mechanical
Gabriel ColletteMechanics, Master
Isabelle Favretti, Aerospace
Laurent Blair, Mechanical
Leah Baribeault, Mechanical
Manuel Ponce-Julien, Mechanical
Olivier Levesque, Aerospace
Pierre-Luc Rivet, Aerospace
pol Roty, Mechanical
Samuel Boucher, Mechanical
Samuel Tétrault Leclerc, Mechanical
Thibault Vialar, Mechanical
Tristan Poulin, Mechanical
Viviane AubinPoulinMechanics, Master
William Babin, Mechanical
William Beauséjour, Mechanical
William Hamelin, Mechanical
William Parent, Mechanical
Yoann Kamdem, Mechanical

Electrical Team
Electrical Team
The electrical team is in charge of all electrical and electronics devices in the car: high efficiency engine, embedded microcontrollers, solar panels, batteries, telemetry system and even the horn…

Although a part of the required knowledge we need is taught to us in courses, the design and the creation of the electrical system highlights quickly some gaps in our knowledge that we need to fill through long hours of research and experimentation.

Renaud Lespérance Electrical

Adriel Munger, Electrical
Alexandre D'Astous Electrical
Alice Breault-Germain Electrical
Anthony White Electrical
David Murray Electrical
Hilarry Barbara, Electrical
Jean-Christophe Couture, Electrical
Jerome Trudel-Blair Physics
Julien Chaudron data processing
Leana Harvey Electrical
Louise Dewit biomedical
Luis profit Electrical
Marc-André Servant data processing
Marie-Pier Beaulieu biomedical
Mihaela Capacity Electrical
Mu Dong Liu Electrical
Olivier Bélanger Physics
Olivier Pichette Physics
Philippe Turcotte Electrical
Samarkande Rassil, Electrical
Samuel Roch, Electrical
Sébastien Loignon, Electrical
Vincent Pérusse, Electrical
Vincent Therrien, Electrical
Yan Joliot, Software
Yoan Fournier, Electrical
One ham Tchen, Electrical

Operations Team
Operations Team
Finance team is responsible to ensures the harvest of the funds needed to carry out the project. Its mission is also to promote the work of the team, since it manages the communication and relationships with our sponsors.

Annabelle Auger, Industrial

Anoja Sivakumar, Chemical
Lucas Chidiak, Civil
Maili Steward, Industrial
Naomi Labranche, Chemical
Thierry Marcotte-Naud, Civil
Virginie Larivière, Industrial
Viviane AubinMechanics, Master

Other tasks
Design of the supports of communication (brochures, booklets,…), maintenance of it tools, management of purchases and stocks, organizing events, logistics during the competitions and the manufacturing phases…

Esteban is alot of competences put togheter by motivated students and often multi-tasking skills. Thus, it is common that members of the finance team also take care of records in mechanical, electrical or logistics.

Former members of the AC

(Chronological order – date of retreat of the post)

Manuel Ponce-Julien,
Director – 2018
Viviane Aubin,
Directeur Affaire2018
Samuel Tétrault-Leclerc,
Mechanical Lead – 2018
Samuel Mercere,
Director Electrical 2017
Marie-France Bergevin, BBA Professional Accounting,
Finance Director – 2017
Claudie Roy, Physics, Treasurer 2017
Gabriel Collette,
Director – 2016
Felipe Guevara,
Mechanical Lead – 2016
Adriel Munger,
Electrical Lead – 2016
Elyse R.-Boulanger,
Technical Director – 2016
Vincent Gariépy
Logistics Lead, Director – 2015
Didier Nadeau
Electrical Lead – 2015
Antoine Cadotte,
Finance Director – 2014
Gabriel Brassard
Director – 2014
Jonathan Belle,
Electrical Lead – 2014
Charles Perry
Mechanical Lead – 2014
Gabrielle Caron,
Electrical Lead – 2014
Melanie Harvey
Logistics Lead – 2013
Marie Tardif-Drolet
Treasurer – 2013
Yoann Arpin
Mechanical Lead – 2013
Simon Dufour,
Electrical Lead – 2013
Alessandro Scola,
Logistics Lead, Director – 2012
Marc Castanet,
Electrical Lead – 2012
Laurence Lebel, Director – 2012
Simon Gingras, Treasurer – 2012
Alexandre Marceau Gozsy,
Deputy Director – 2012
Simon Bourgault-Côté
Mechanical Lead – 2012
Simon Dulong,
Treasurer 2009
Pierre-Luc Gélineau
Director – 2009
Hugo Provencher
Electrical Lead – 2009
Christmas Giguere
Mechanical Lead – 2009
Mathieu Gélineau,
Finance Director – 2009

Old members

Zozane Olgun, Mechanical
Hubert Courteau-Godmaire, Aerospace
Sarah St. Lawrence Electrical
Samuel Pilon, Mechanical
Éric Desrosiers, Mechanical
Evan Kocemba, Mechanical
Gabriel Brassard, Physics
Didier Nadeau Physics
Isabelle Tawa, Mechanical
François Vachon, Mechanical
Guillaume Boivert, Mechanical
Simon Bourgault-Côté, Aerospace
Charles Côté, Mechanical
Jonathan De Belle, Electrical
Philippe Dolbec, Mechanical
Khaldoun El-Hajj, Mechanical
Gagne Laurent-Boisvert, Mechanical
Samuel Gouin, Electrical
Victor Lévesque, Electrical
Alexandre Marceau Gozsy, Aerospace
André Nguyen, Computer
Suzanne Ouellet, Geological
Cuauhtémoc Reale, Physics
Jerome Solis Physics
Audrey Saint-Onge, Industrial